meow meow meow


hi my name is morrigan, i am 15 years old, i am from the state of tennessee, and i like 2 draw and play video games ^_^ i am autistic + ocd, and (watch out here's a mouthful) girlflux aroace unlabeled sapphic !! i use she/it/aid and some other neo's but you gotta ask cuz it depends on the day... i have some close friends, such as august/camilo, dylan, naib, ace, nastya, sophie, vio, and a couple others!! my wonderful wonderful boyfriend is aesop, whom i lov very very much !! i have 2 siblings, my 8 yr old sister Lily and my 13 year old brother Aiden, and my mom and my dad, and my german shepard Serenity. I love to play games such as Identityv, Skullgirls, Roblox, Cookie Run Ovenbreak (not kingdom..yuck), FNaF, Bandori, Genshin (only a very tiny bit), and a bunch of nintendo games especiall Zelda and Animal crossing!!

i absolutely love horror themes when they have something 2 do with medical stuffs! such as nurses, morticians, etc!! i have grown 2 love characters like that :) one of my faves is valentine.......either i just like women, or i think she's cool.. i can't pick (>_-)!!!! i also love characters such as ann(disciple), the bloody queen(idv), sundrop and moondrop(fnaf), and a BUNCHHH of others...but my brain is very tiny and i cannot think of other thingz...